Best Apartments In Accra: East Airport

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June 3, 2022
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Best Apartments In Accra

East Airport and fine Apartments are synonymous. The mention of one triggers the thought of the other.

Let’s take you down memory lane to the emergence of real estate development and apartment buildings in Ghana, specifically Accra which has the better apartments. The best apartments in Accra are reserved at East Airport. The real estate industry in Ghana keeps growing steadily. This is mostly attributed to Ghana’s improved financial sector, market demand, the luxurious lifestyle of the citizens, urbanization, and most importantly, the improved regulatory frameworks. The nice neighborhood has close proximity to equally lively neighborhoods like Cantonments, Tse Addo, Burma Hills, Spintex, East Legon, and Airport Residential Area.

At the moment, Ghana is facing housing challenges. Due to the government’s slow pace to address this challenge of a 2 million apartment or housing unit deficit, the need for more private developers is much more appreciated by locals and foreigners. They are basically not only provided with ready apartments but the different options that are also presented to them in the form of home design, locations, cost, etc.

Today, Ghana’s Housing or real estate industry has become very competitive with big players like Hyde Homes, Regimmanuel Estate, Trasacco Valley, Eden Heights, Manet Group, Devtraco, Devtraco Plus, and Clifton Homes. NTHC Properties Ltd, etc all doing their best to provide some of the world’s best apartments on the African Continent.

Thus, Accra, and for that matter, East Airport is becoming the epicenter and the go-to place for any family and individual in search of an apartment to call home. From premium to luxury apartments, East Airport has become the people’s choice.

East Airport’s Best Apartment

East Airport apart from being known for its luxurious nature with the presence of the Kotoka International Airport, East Airport International School, Oak Plaza, Palace Mall, and the like has over the years become one of the few communities in Accra to host some of the best apartments and real estate developments.

The East Airport Gated Communities, with exotic home architecture designs by some well-known and experienced developers, do one thing, that is, make Apartments in Accra synonymous with East Airport. Popular apartments and developments to find within it are;

The Development by Qua Realty, the MeQasa, Devtraco, and the current leading development, is considered by many as East Airport’s Landmark by Hyde Homes.

Why you should have an apartment At East Airport – Hyde Homes

Having or owning one of Hyde Homes apartments in East Airport guarantees maximum security, access to key public and private places, comfort, and connection to the most influential persons in the country.

Security: This is by far the most expensive thing to have. A well-secured community does not come cheap. However, with Hyde Homes apartments within East Airport, security is the most common component one will encounter. This is due to its proximity to Burma Camp – a well-respected military base that also hosts the headquarters of the Ghana Armed Forces as well as the Ministry of Defense. Burma Camp has well-installed security equipment and regular patrol officers constantly on the move which families in the Hyde Homes benefit from.

Access to Key Public Places: Location in real estate is very key, however, living in an apartment in Accra must also give the advantage of having quick access to main towns and other facilities. Hyde Homes in East Airport assures residents of quick access to educational facilities like the East Airport International School; shopping malls around Spintex notably the Palace Mall, Accra Mall, etc. Hospitals; Beaches and other places for entertainment.

What Amenities Come with The Hyde Apartments by Hyde Homes 

Hyde Homes are uniquely made for royal ambiance and it comes with designs that can only be described as elegant and classic. The development was made to think outside the box and makes available extra services and amenities that enhance the comfort of the entire family.

 Rooftop Pool: Also one of the key features of Hyde Homes Development, the Rooftop Pool is one such facility that is considered it’s signature. There is access for all of its residents who wish on any day and time to enjoy a relaxing swim in the pool that overlooks the city.

 Backup Power and Water: One of the challenges Accra faces is the infrequent and free flow of water and power supply. The Hyde Homes development is strategically and carefully made with this in mind. All of its residents are best served for the very reason they opted to be a part of this magnificent development; which is enjoying uninterrupted living.

 Property Management: Hyde Homes provide effective and reliable property management services for all of its residents. There is a dedicated team strategically put in place to handle all issues, from hygiene to room services, gardening, etc.

 24/7 Security: Safety is at the top of the list for every homeowner in Accra. In addition to the excess security, the development has as a result of its proximity to Burma Champ, there is also an internal security measure; the presence of well-trained security personnel and CCTV cameras that ensures every family and property is fully secure.


Hyde Homes Available Apartments for sale in Accra – The Hyde

One Bedroom: Its 1- Bedroom Apartment has a total area of 40M2 with an interior design that fuses comfort with elegant style. Its well-planned living room makes The Hyde an exceptional experience. The fitted Kitchen is open to embrace the chic lifestyle of today’s contemporary family, while the bedroom gives a precise royal treatment.

Starting Price: Contact Us

Two Bedroom: The two-bedroom apartment also covers a total area of 85m2, same with quality interior designs that fuses comfort with elegant style. Its

distinctive layouts and the availability of natural light effects makes living at the apartment one that every family would wish for.

Starting Price: Contact Us

Also available is its 3 Bedroom Apartment and Penthouse – all fully furnished with fitted Kitchens.

Starting Price: Contact Us.

The Extra Reasons to Choose an apartment At Hyde Homes

After introducing the best apartments in Accra to you, I need to end here but certainly not without the bit that blows your mind – Hyde Homes’ 10% rental returns on the US Dollar! 

Now remember these also:

The Hyde Homes is only 15 minutes away from Kotoka International Airport

10 minutes away from Accra Mall

10 minutes away from Soul Clinic International School

10 minutes away from Lister Hospital

10 minutes away from Labadi Beach Hotel.

About Hyde Home

Hyde Homes is a boutique real estate firm driven by seasoned and experienced professionals. With its headquarters in Ghana, Hyde Homes aims at pushing barriers beyond the status quo with daring architectural designs and competitive value propositions.

Property development is at the core of Hyde Homes.




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