Burma Hills, the ‘Accra Diaspora’

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February 13, 2023
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Burma Hills is very prime but hidden from many, only the affluent and wealthy share this secret. Oops, I just let the cat out of the bag, Burma Hills is a classy suburban neighborhood located right behind Burma Camp. It is a secure vicinity and can boast of some prominent diplomats, statesmen, and honorable individuals in society. Have you visited ‘Burma Hills’ before?

You should because that is the nation’s current hidden gem tucked in between the suburbs of Tse Addo and East Airport, Airport Hills enclave. It is within La Dadekotopong Municipal Assembly The fast-growing community; Burma Hills derived its name from its proximity to the very defense enclave of Ghana (Burma Camp). This area is fast developing and evolving into a classy residential area of well-demarcated roads and curbs. Although mostly quiet, it represents the liveliness and charm of a proper serene residential area.

Map of Burma-Hills-New
Map of Burma-Hills

Burma Hills can be located on the Mahama roads, specifically, on the right side of town along the Major Mahama runabout to the main Tse Addo runabout.  Other road networks are in excellent condition with a short drive time to Kotoka International Airport, and Lister Hospital, Palace Mall, Bok Nam Kim golf course, the new military cemetery among others. More, the minor roads are being upgraded. The area is also bounded by a network of new tarred dual carriageways- Giffard Road, the beach road between Labadi & Teshie with excellent links to the rest of Accra. Burma Hills is easy to find. Across the main Maham street to the south is Airport Hills. A very fancy and serene neighborhood.

Burma Hills is the hub for luxurious houses and apartments. It is very easy to spot a 4-wheel drive in this area. However, it is not a necessity because the roads are in good shape for any type of car. The area is also served by a good supply of electricity, water, and good drainage among others. Developers, homeowners, and investors trust this area because of the rental value and perks this area has. Returns on investments are generated within a short amount of time.

Why You Should Own An Apartment At Burma Hills 

Maximum security, accessibility to important public and private locations, comfort, and connections to the most powerful people in the nation are all guarantees when you own an apartment at Burma Hills.

Although developing, this community is well-endowed to be described as the new Cantonments residential area. This suburb is poised to have some of Ghana’s best houses. The average property value for a 4-bedroom townhouse is $500,000. One may acquire a cheap 3-bedroom townhouse in the range of $288,500 – $410,000. Expensive houses in Burma Hills will be within the range of $774,293 to $1,000,000. Apartment-styled houses do range between $65,000 – $250,000. You can move into this area at a cheaper cost now.

Burma Hills-The-Accra-Diaspora

Whether you wish to build your own home or entrust a developer to build to your specifications, choose Burma Hills; the ‘Accra diaspora’. Below are some of the benefits of owning a house in Burma Hills.

Security:  A secure neighborhood is not inexpensive but a necessity. This is because Burma Camp, a reputable military post that houses the Ministry of Defense and the headquarters of the Ghanaian Armed Forces, is close by. Families in the Hyde Houses benefit from Burma Camp’s well-installed security measures and its regular patrol officers.

Access to Key Recreational and Places of Convenience: Location in real estate is very key, however, living in an apartment in Accra must also give the advantage of having quick access to main towns and other facilities. Hyde Homes in Burma Hills assures residents of quick access to many places of interest and convenience. Popular landmarks in Burma Hills; This list consists of schools, hospitals, restaurants

Shopping Centers and Restaurants Close to Burma Hills

  • Kelinae Supermarket
  • Palace mall
  • Charisma Arcade
  • Bakeshop
  • Captain Catfish
  • Aura Lounge and Bar
  • Pinnacle Hyper Store

Schools near Burma Hills

  • Dison International School
  • Graceland Montessori
  • Soul Clinic International School
  • Zenith College
  • Golf of Guinea Maritime Institute

Medical Centers in Burma Hills

  • Top-Up Pharmacy (24/7) East Airport
  • Lister Hospital

Other Popular landmarks close to Burma Hills

  • AJ’S Beauty Lounge Spa
  • Kiddybliz
  • Bok Nam Kim
  • Burma Camp
  • Labadi Beach
  • Labadi Beach Hotel
  • The Avenue Events Center

Why you should Own The Hyde Apartments by Hyde Homes 

Burma Hills
Burma Hills

The Hyde Apartments are elegantly designed to give homeowners an enchanting living experience. Share in the royal ambiance and live the life you have dreamt of.  The development is a stunning collection of carefully crafted suites, apartments, and duplexes formed by thinking outside the box and making available extra services and amenities that enhance the comfort of the entire family.


  • Lift
  • Gym
  • Infinity Pool
  • Rooftop Garden
  • Fire protection technology
  • Modern fittings and fixtures
  • Backup Utilities (Power and Water)
  • 24/7 Security, CCTV, and Access Control
  • 24 Hours Property Management Services

Hyde Homes accepts various payment plans to enable you to acquire your dream home and investments. This payment option includes; Self-financing and Mortgage options. Homeowners are given ample time to make payments. Talk to Hydes Homes Ghana now and





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