Tse Addo: A Close-knit Community With Endless Charm

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June 18, 2023
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Tse Addo is a thriving neighborhood situated in Accra, the capital of Ghana. It is a familiar suburb within the Labade and a residential area under the La Dada-Kotopon Municipality. It is specifically with the East La neighborhood of Accra just behind La Trade Fair. Tse Addo is undergoing a remarkable transformation, making it one of the most attractive neighborhoods to live in. Despite its rapid development into a first-class residential area, Tse Addo has managed to elevate the liveliness and charm that characterize other parts of Accra. It has become one of the sought-after residential enclaves in Ghana. Major infrastructure, housing stock, and amenities are currently being developed in this amazing neighborhood. Tse Addo is an exclusive residential neighborhood with a suburb called Burma Hills. The enclave attained its name for being directly opposite or behind Burma Camp, the heart of Ghana’s defense.

Tse Addo is bordered by a network of well-maintained roads, namely Giffard Road (also known as the Trade Fair Road), the beach road between Labadi and Teshie, and Mahama Road connects Airport Hills, Spintex and Teshie. The Giffard Road separates the community from the main Labadi township or La as it is popularly known, Cantonments and Labone. These roads provide excellent connectivity to the rest of Accra. Driving to East Airport, Spintex and Airport residential area from Tse Addo only takes a few minutes.

The roads are in excellent condition, and efforts are underway to upgrade the minor roads. The site benefits from reliable infrastructure, including electricity, water, fiber optics, and broadband services. Additionally, a sound drainage system ensures that it does not suffer from flooding during the rainy season. Burma Hills is synonymous with Tse Addo. Burma Hills is located in the north of the neighborhood and is close to the Kotoka International Airport, Ghana Military Cemetery, and Major Mahama Round About.


Apartments for sale in Tse Addo

There are many developers building quality and affordable homes. The neighborhood offers diverse housing developments, catering to various budgets and preferences. The residential neighborhood is a blend of contemporary residences, apartments, and traditional dwellings. Residents, prospective homebuyers, and investors can choose from apartments, mid-range homes, townhouses, and luxury properties. The trend in Tse Addo favors small gated developments comprising a few well-designed homes set amidst carefully planned and landscaped surroundings. A studio apartment may sell within the range of $60,000 to $70,000. A typical 1-bedroom will sell for $90,000 whereas a 2-bedroom at $156,000.

Tse Addo showcases a variety of housing options, from spacious houses hidden behind walls and manicured gardens to cozy apartments. 4-bedroom townhouses are selling at $500,000. You may well find decent 3 -bedroom houses with maid quarters selling at $370,000. Tse Addo’s housing developments have garnered significant interest from savvy homebuyers and investors who appreciate the area’s allure.


What Makes Tse Addo Unique:

One of the neighborhood’s standout features is its reputation for safety, owing to its proximity to Burma Camp, a military barracks. This proximity instills a sense of security among residents. Furthermore, the recent establishment of a police post within the community has further enhanced safety measures. The quality of roads, proximity to amenities, and the central business district make it preferred.


Tse Addo attracts diverse residents, including former presidents and ministers of state, celebrities, politicians, and affluent individuals seeking a comfortable and secure living environment. The neighborhood’s appeal extends to young professionals seeking an active nightlife scene and families searching for a more relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere. The inclusive nature of Tse Addo’s community fosters a warm and welcoming environment for both residents and businesses.

Tse Addos proximity to an amazing lifestyle and convenient amenities. Because it is located on Accra’s coastline, lovely beaches such as Labadi Beach, Polo beach club, La Tawala Beach, and Sandbox Beach are easily accessible. Tse Addo boasts a well-rounded infrastructure that caters to residents’ needs and desires. Along the main roads, residents have access to a range of amenities such as bars, restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing boutiques, and beauty shops. The neighborhood also offers excellent educational institutions, healthcare facilities, churches, banks, and even a university, Zenith College.

Tse Addo balances peaceful residential streets and bustling commercial areas, ensuring residents have easy access to necessities and entertainment. Markets and shopping malls include N. A Royal Mart, OT Plaza, Shop SOSAS. Residents in the neighborhood can choose from several schools to educate their kids. Schools in Tse Addo include Jane Montessori School, Little Sunflower International School, Graceland Montessori, and Exquisite Baby Lounge.

Access to easy dining is a delight and there are many places to catch a bite of the street and gourmet recipes. Residents can visit Napongs Kitchen, Cherlryans Restaurant, Mr. Wu Chinese Fast Food, Hot Pork Ghana, Zion Hut Chop Bar and Restaurant, Belle Solution Nigerian restaurant, Fastside Sports Lounge and Eatery, Inspire Olive Restaurant, #22 Burgers and Grill, Faya Restaurant, The Garden and The Sea Vegetarian restaurant, Tse Addo Downtown Plaza,

The neighborhood combines good location, residential charm cultural diversity, and inclusive lifestyles.



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